FIND ME: Emails and Smoke Signals

TO TELL you honestly, I couldn’t even find myself most of the time. “Where is Pasckie, seems like he’s lost again.” So to find myself—I traveled all over the Philippines’ 7,000 islands… Okay, don’t believe that. That’s an absolute exaggeration. I mean, not the geographical data or number of islands but whether I circumnavigated the archipelago at all? That’s BS. But—yes, it’s true, I crashlanded, sky-dived and/or bungee-jumped to reach four continents and many US big cities and small towns to find myself… But, well, I'm still nowhere--looking for myself.
Uhh, what I’m trying to say is, no—I don’t keep a cellphone and I am not going to reveal exactly where I live, although I’m sure (internet) spammers know exactly where I’m at. Okay, I live in Western North Carolina, in a place I call the batcave—now, this is not Bat Cave, an unincorporated community in Henderson County. The “batcave” in my mind is located in Candler, in nearby Buncombe County, about 7 miles to/from downtown Asheville.
I am infuriated by uninvited guests and although there’s a house phone here, I don’t give that out. So to find me: EMAIL ME, okay? I am in front of my laptop 99.9 percent of my life like I am married to it (yes, that’s another exaggeration!)—so email me.

Or I always hang out at Westville Pub, shooting pools and/or pounding at my laptop—or having coffee and refills at West End Bakery (writing, Facebooking, blogging, reading the New York Times, or just checkin’ out ladies from afar). Both are located on exactly the same spot in West Asheville, Haywood Road (google exact locations, okay?)
So there!