Sunday, October 24, 2010

REASONS Why Some Women are More Interesting...

[1] She doesn’t make too much effort trying so hard to sound interesting and attractive. She doesn’t compete with whoever’s attention (man or woman) and she doesn’t heed the latest fad or fashion just to keep up with the “competition.” She believes she’s cool and… deal with it! She’s the kind of woman who believes she’s most beautiful right after jumping off the bed in the morning—hair in disarray, half-naked, “un-made,” enticingly grumpy, and sleepy eyes… 29 years old or 72 years young, and whatever shape her lustre and beauty is in--she's a woman who could launch a thousand ships and delay bullet trains.

[2] The way she moves—not really the sex vixen, purry catwoman moves… which is pretty obvious and contrived. Just that sure, confident, unaffected move. Posture, poise, subtlety, grit, grace. Some mysterious amazon who’d look you in the eyes and pierce your soul--without really staring at you.

[3] She says NO. The woman who says no to a man with a straight face and tells him, NO! without explanation is the renegade spirit with a mission… A woman who doesn’t easily fall for a man’s usually outdated advances or pick up lines is a woman who could take you to heaven with just a wave of her hands. Yes, a woman who walks the talk, and speaks her mind… irrelevant whether the man talks more—she knows how to shut his pie hole without arguing.

[4] A woman who takes control but willing to relegate the steering wheel to a man when she needs to, or vice versa, depends on circumstances. A woman who regards relationships are not man versus woman war of the sexes but a working synergy of two human beings with diverse body chemistry but parallel wavelengths.

[5] She makes a stand and defends it by showing how it’s done in practice than rhetoric. It doesn’t really matter whether she’s Left or Right, conservative or radical (she doesn’t oblige to categorical isms). What matters is she sticks to her beliefs and convictions and happy living it—because, for her, the universal good and bad is inherent in the human heart whether you are female or male, gay or straight, ideological blue or political orange.

[6] A woman who smiles with her eyes and laughs with her brain… and makes love with her heart.

[7] A woman who cooks for two. I mean, a woman who—instead of asking a man, “What do you want me to cook?” will instead say, “This is what I like to cook, wanna try it?” I just love watching a woman rule the kitchen: hair tied up, white knee-high skirt, apron, sweaty forehead, chopping onions with ferocious ease, juggling spices and herbs like a wicked sorceress hissing sweet mysteries off the wok … and dancing to a full moon’s bossa nova like only the stars and butterflies are watching.

--Pasckie The Dude

[art credit: Peter Paul Rubens]